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Year after year at Fundación Temaikèn we work to continue adding and bring achievements to comply with our mission. Thanks to the unconditional work of all the people, companies and organizations that join with us, we have achieved in the last 10 years:

• To protect all together our country´s nature.
• To rescue more than 1.500 plants and release 1.750 animals.
• To have a unique Biopark in the country with 29 hectares that helps us to protect species of high-value in preservation.
• To grant more than 20.000 educational scholarships per year.
• To assist, in our Vet Hospital, more than 1.720 specimens per year and carry out around 2.700 laboratory determinations per year.
• To train more than 300 rangers and 850 teachers in the Province of Misiones within the Protected Areas Program.
• To rescue more than 1.500 specimens of 78 species in our Osununú natural reserve.
• That 4.500 students in the provinces annually attend our educational workshops.
• To receive 20 seizures with more than 4.700 animals, coming from confiscations of illegal animal trade and traffic.
• That 120.000 students participate of our educational programs in the Biopark every year.
• To prepare, in our Nutrition Department, more than 2.500 different servings per day that are distributed daily in the Biopark and the CRET.
• Since the Biopark opened its gates, more than 6.500.000 people have visited us and they were in touch with Nature.

But we still have a lot to accomplish. That´s why we need people like you that are willing to join our challenge to generate a positive change in the way we respect and relate to Nature.

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