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Nature is in danger and the main responsible is the human being. Argentina presents a great wealth in habitats and natural resources, what positions it among the countries with greater variety of species. Year after year we experience deterioration processes in habitats, what causes the species that live in them to reduce progressively. In many cases there is information to be able to protect certain species, but in many others there is still a lack of data and knowledge, especially on the native species of our country.

At Fundación Temaikèn we carry out research projects to get the necessary information to allow us to understand the status and situation of Argentinean wildlife and contribute with significant information to recommend effective and solid actions for preservation.

Research projects can be carried out in two different ways:

1. Research at the natural environment (in situ) that enables to know the species’ situation and their relation to their habitat, as an ecological perspective.

2. Research in controlled environments (ex situ) that enable a permanent follow up of all the biological processes of specimens of different species in a close and accurate way, as a biological perspective.

Each one of the Research projects is developed in different places, depending on the analyzed species.

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