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Our values

They represent our beliefs and attitudes. They define our personality as an organization.

Commitment and Passion for Nature
At Fundación Temaikén we make of nature protection our priority, with the passion and enthusiasm that distinguishes us, emphasizing all the activities and decisions that could help take care of our flora and fauna.

Every action we make aims towards the protection of nature, and to achieve this it is essential to live according to an organizational ethic based on the respect towards all living creatures. We encourage personal behavior that would not sacrifice our mission in pursuit of opportunistic behavior, seeking to establish fair and transparent relationships, respecting regulations.

Excellence in what we do
To achieve our mission it is fundamental that our team has certain characteristics, not only for its professional competencies, but also for its dedication to work, honesty and service attitude. We have a special concern to make things properly, better every time.

Transforming experience
We want to raise awareness in the whole society in favor of the protection of nature, therefore, in each contact point with our organization we attempt to offer an experience that generates changes in people, whether because we contribute in their education, or modifying their points of view and even their behaviors.

Positive attitude and human warmth
We are working for a large scale mission, but we are optimistic regarding results, that´s the reason we have a positive attitude in everything we do, searching to pass it on and spread it to the entire community, so they can join our cause. As human being we are part of Nature and we foster warmth when dealing with all people.

Honesty and Transparency
We are non-profit organization that works since the year 2000 in the country. The contribution from our donors is essential so that we can perform our work, as well as the contributions from our visitors, sponsors and partners. We handle our resources with responsibility, efficiency and honesty, prioritizing transparency so we can create long-lasting relationships, and at the same time ensure sustainability of our Foundation.

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