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Who are we?

Fundación Temaikèn is a national organization that works to protect nature, educating, researching and preserving species and ecosystems, giving priority to local species, together with other institutions and involving the whole of society.


Temaiken Biopark: an environment where people discover and connect with nature through a transforming experience.

CRET – Temaiken´s Reproduction Center
We work in reproduction and rehabilitation of endangered species.

Osununú – Natural Reserve
We preserve 174 hectares of Jungle in Misiones, shelter for unique flora and fauna in the country.

Preservation Programs
We work in the recovery and protection of local species and natural environments that are threatened.

Educational Programs
We disclose and sensitize society to create commitment in the taking care of nature.

Research Projects
We generate valuable information to contribute to the preservation of species and ecosystems.

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