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Where do we work?

At Fundación Temaikèn we work in order to protect Nature, educating, carrying out research, and preserving species and ecosystems - giving priority to native ones – together with other institutions and getting the entire society involved.

Bearing this in mind we developed activities in the following provinces of our country:


• Temaikèn’s Biopark, located in Escobar, consists of an area of 29 hectares where people discover and connect with Nature through a transforming experience. At the Biopark we develop some of the research projects and educational programs. We have a Vet Hospital, 3 interactive centers, 9 areas and 19 enclosures, with the goal of taking care of more than 7.400 animals of 385 different species, most of them native and threatened ones
• Our Species Reproduction and Rehab Center (CRET), located also in Escobar where we research and work on the preservation of species in controlled environment and we recover affected species by environmental issues and illegal trafficking. It has 18 hectares organized in 19 sectors and 280 specially designed enclosures.
• In the Delta Bonaerense (Buenos Aires Province), with our Species Recovery Project.
MISIONES, where we work in the Project of our Protected Areas Program.

• In the Jungle of 168 hectares of our Natural Reserve Osununú we work on the preservation of threatened Flora and Fauna Species, which are unique in our country.
• Together with other organizations we work on the Preservation of the Paraná Pine tree Ecosystem.
• We carry out the Native Orchids Project that allows us to contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity in the area.

CÓRDOBA: Aguará Guazú’s distribution area, the largest canid in South America that is endangered.

CHACO and FORMOSA: Distribution area of the Aguará Guazú and the South American Tapir, the largest South American mammal that is also endangered.

SANTA CRUZ: together with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), through the Magellanic Penguin Project.
The Atlantic Coast from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego: together with Fundación Patagonia Natural (FPN) through the Inter-Jurisdictional System Project for Sea-Coastal Protected Areas (SIAPCM).

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