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Environmental Education

Nature occupies the central place when we talk about Environment and Development. The need for its conservation and —if possible, restoration— is increasingly obvious. Conservation is doubly necessary due to the value of living beings and also as a resource repository necessary for human subsistence and development.

Today, the main contributions invite us to move from the anthropocentric position from which we currently view the world, to having a more biocentric attitude. This experience cultivates in us a more humble, respectful and startling attitude towards the complexity and beauty of the living being phenomenon, thus promoting feelings of veneration, love and care of life and its diversity.

Environmental Education promotes mainly relational ways of thinking—i.e. thoughts that are able to establish bonds with others. Instead of classifying on the basis of difference, emphasis is given to interrelation and interdependence. We value that thing that is not evident, that thing that is in "between", that thing that allows us to claim that nothing exists in isolation and that neither nothing nor nobody is something in itself, but in connection with the context it belongs to.

Understanding the environment from this perspective entails deep changes in the way we construct knowledge, as it helps to overcome disciplinary fragmentation in order to approach a study field that has to be interdisciplinary like the environment. Besides, it implies an ethical valuation —responsible and solidary— by recognizing that we are part of the environment. Therefore, what one does impacts upon the other and in turn, on all other forms of life. This social perspective of the environmental field stresses our approach, inviting us to imagine, design and build a present-day respectful of all life forms.

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